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We know we’re on the right path when the desire to help guides our work. As software developers we aid users with helpful tools meant to improve their productivity and allow them to dedicate their time to innovative ideas and creative solutions.



For 17 years, the INTERSOFTms team has been working continuously on the development of Archicad, the main product of GRAPHISOFT. Archicad is a Building Information Modelling software, which has fundamentally changed the cooperation habits in design teams. Currently it is used in 108 countries, by more than 200.000 architects daily, and we are proud to say that we contribute to this wonderful project.

Our goal is to make the architectural design and execution process more enjoyable and efficient, making the most use of building information modelling.

Because there is nothing like the feeling of developing a world-class product, recipient of multiple awards, and seeing the wonderful buildings designed with it.

We develop and thrive in a familiar environment, with a motivating team, and also as part of an international community.

More than 150 years of C++ experience

Why we like it

“Because it is an all-purpose, object oriented programming language, with a giant role in our continuously evolving modern world.”

“Whatever we wish to improve or modernise, from operating systems to browsers or data bases, C++ is unavoidable.”

We are proud of our colleagues’ success

Professional awards

Our most significant resource is the talent of our colleagues, along with their dedication and trust. Their success is the success of us all, and we are very excited to tell you all about the innovation award they received. However, we can’t do that just now, as the information is not yet public. Follow us to find out what Sándor Bíró, József Siklodi and Zoltán Válé did to earn such a prestigious award.

We offer knowledge!

Join our team!

Here you will have the opportunity to prove what you know, and to learn all that you need to get the most of your skills and talents.
Innovation in a familiar environment

The INTERSOFTms team

Our philosophy is not just about reaching targets, but also about creating the optimal work environment for our colleagues. We are convinced that a nurturing, inspiring team can bring out our best selves. We know we can achieve much more together, so we build our team on a foundation of trust and common values. 

Together for the community

Giving back

We believe it is important that we are a socially useful company. We are grateful for having the means to help our local community, and we try to do so as much as we can, as seen from the 18 events we have sponsored so far.
In line with our long term strategy, we have three main goals. The order is not one of priority, and we hope the list continues to extend. Together with the University of Sapienta we are working on supporting young talent. The Solidaris foundation helps us get our donations to those in need. For reaching the goals of our small community, our partner is the Bolyai Collegium Foundation.

Our team is always open to new members

Let’s meet!

We know that similar goals and values can shape a community.
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